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Harmony & Ethic in Horsemanship

Equine Behaviour’s motto :

"The Horse is always right !" - Cazeaux De Nestier, Equerry to Louis XV

If we use horses for fun, pleasure, or earning money…the least we can do is try to understand them and to be humble enough to learn from them.


We should remember and engrave in our stable’s wood that to learn from horses, to work with them and to make a splash to riding them, you have to have as little equipment as possible and to use it also as less as possible.

If you can justify ,for example, the use of a bit, horsewhip or a lunging whip or any other instrument that causes pain, fear or stress…

then for the sake of an animal, that is very sensitive, intelligent, cooperative and devoid of natural aggressivity …I do hope you will wonder if you’re really the best person to work with him.


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Last update 21/10/16