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Harmony & Ethic in Horsemanship

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" My mission is to create a world where we can live in harmony with nature "

Jane Goodall




Harmony & Ethic in Horsemanship - Workshops Worldwide

Please contact me for information concerning up-coming Clinics and Clincs in preparation !

Thank you


Since 2014

Online Coaching ! (over Skype)

This includes: - evaluation and advice, -providing of the theoretical knowledge in all issues around the horse, -analysis of your working videos with the horse, -guidance on the way to form friendship with the horse and in your work with the horse on the basis of free will....Price for one hour online coaching: 60 Euro. (Secure payment via PayPal)


Self-Defence Clinics for Trail Riders.
Protect yourself. Learn the self-defence techniques that are used by the mounted police.

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Looking for a free Clinic ?

Partner up with us...Host a "Harmony & Ethic in Horsemanship" Clinic and get in for free !

Conditions for a free Clinic : If you host a Clinic under the following conditions, you’re in the Clinic for free !

  • Finding a group of at least 6 riders with horses
  • Having a arena (in- or outdoors) at your disposition
  • Fix a date for the Clinic with Mr Newe
  • Collecting the 50 % of the totality of all the fee’s from all students at latest 3 month before the Workshop !

The fee includes : 2 days (or more) of the Clinic - 6 to 7 hours /day work and all travel expenses of Mr Newe. [until the airport close to the Clinic].
The fee is not including : The expenses for the student, his horse and the renting charges of the arena. The accommodation of Mr.Newe

Please contact us : (donaldnewe@gmail.com) for further informations, Fee’s, Clinic - programme etc. !

For North America ( east coast) please contact our representative in Rochester - NY : Kimberlee Strauss, phone : +1 585-359-3508 (home) or +1 585-727-4276 (cell), e-mail : jdestiny@rochester.rr.com


Attention ! For all "Harmony & Ethic in Horsemanship" Workshops !

The Workshop enrollment deadline is AT LATEST 3 month before the workshop date !

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